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Victoria Caram


Victoria "Maxima" Caram, 27 years old and residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She was born in Argentina.

"The transition to a T-Girl, was the hardest thing in my life! It took me 10 years, although I live as a victory 24 hours from the 20 breasts I just put them at 25, but I would define it as a pitched battle with my mother. Comings and goings, fights; it took us a long time to accept my new self. For us the world transgender discrimination and stigmatization is tremendous and that is what led me to leave my country. I got tired of the hostile looks of the people, and police persecution. In Argentina there is criminalization of transsexuality, we are objects of collective hatred. I think deep down what the people does not forgive us is the balls we have to trans people: to live, to think, to love, to dress, to feel, to choose, to enjoy as we want and everything in an environment of total freedom. Not being free of words, work and thought in Argentina was what led me to leave the country. Nowadays I live in Amsterdam people have another mentality, stop being an object of laughter to be a subject of rights respected and admired by the society in which I move."